Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Also i thought i would update you with my fashion work, and that ive finished my dress from the last project and this is it :D 

I think i have an obsession with really waif like skinny people, i went to London yesterday and every person i was remotely interested in looking at was ridiculously skinny, i know it may be wrong to think of people like that but i just always seem to find they look better in clothes!
I know the issue is extremely controversial and im probably not helping many of the girls out there with deep underlying problems, its just something i have discovered myself that i like the look of!

This image is from a Jean Paul Gaultier catwalk show, where he chose to replace size 0 models with size 20, i dont believe this looks better than someone with a skinnier frame, i mean im totally not knocking anyone larger than a size 0 at the end of the day your created like this and we are all only people at the end of the day, i just think clothes are designed for smaller frames, therefore the public associate being skinny with looking good, and i think maybe i am one of those people who have been subdued to this maybe diluded thought!