Monday, 22 March 2010

i loveeeee these sandals, the whole shelf was absolutely filled with gorgeous colours, studs, prints etc i think i must want nearly every single pair, these are my favourite of all of them though, i couldnt get a photo of the whole shelf as the staff probably wouldnt have aloud me to haha.

im so loving this Chanel watch right now, although theres absolutely no way my budget is ever going to stretch to £15,490 for a watch ahh love it though oh and also the Chanel clutch!

Today has been quite productive, had my history of fashion lesson at college and  drawing lesson, in which were making prints design tshirts, and ive been researching loads of photography and models, ive fallen in love with practically nude shots of Kate Moss and one photo of Naomi Campbell, i think im going to use them for my design as most of the other in the class have chosen to do something really obvious like Vivienne Westwood or Chanel inspired, which i cant help but find totally uninspiring as its so cliche for fashion.

Today ive also written out my completely new C.V and tommorow im going to topshop to apply for a job as they have three new ones and im desperate to work for them :d imagine the discount haha!
p.s does anyone have any ideas on what you would wear to a job interview at somewhere like this? xxx

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