Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I love the new limited edition collection of Chanel, Le Vernis nail varnish, especially the Paticuliere range, the pastel colours are soo pretty and i think for £19 each there amazing!
Ive also discovered today Tom Binns Disney Couture collection inspired by the new Alice In Wonderland movie (which i also love).

I feel really proud, i had an email on my flickr account the other day asking if a company could use my photo in their book for London & in a London tour guide, of course i said yes, but i never thought in a million years someone would actually want to use my image for something, it was just a picture i had to take for my old graphic design project for college!
The photo chosen :D

Today i have been bargain hunting where i live, and i found these linen curtains for £3 i was so pleased as i wanted to buy some of these and probably would've spent alot more money on them!
Im trying to redecorate my bedroom and they fit really well with my white theme, i want everything to look really white and vintagey so im on the hunt for any little decorations for it, if anyone has any ideas of where i can find little bargains let me know :D

Im also going to do one wall in Cath Kidston wallpaper, but im undecided on which colour to go for, its between these two?



  1. Hey Frankieee thanks for the comment and for following me nice blog i'm following you ;)

  2. Love all of these! & as for the wallpaper, I really like the 1st



  3. Aw thankyou guys, im so new to this so i need help haa, hope your all good?
    i think i prefer the first one too, going to get it this weekend, ill let you know how it looks :) xx